Welcome to MyCitySAFE.com. Running a city government or municipality is a very challenging job! There are so many small details  and paperwork to keep up with to ensure that everything runs as smoothly (and as profitably) as possible. CitySAFE was designed and customized specifically for municipalities and city governments to help manage the documents associated with running the government.

By using CitySAFE to host all of your important documents online, you can ensure that you are providing a transparent governmental operation to your constituents. In addition, you can use CitySAFE as a disaster recovery tool for all of your important information because all of your information will be hosted and backed up offsite. And, CitySAFE can help you quickly and easily organize files electronically where all members of your staff can have 24/7 electronic access to them.

In addition, CitySAFE has enhanced vendor management capabilities allowing you to keep track of your municipality’s service providers and all of the cost and contracts associated with them.

  • There had been some major concerns about what would happen to all the records in our vault in the event of a disaster,” said Montevallo City Clerk Herman Lehman. “We wanted to find a way to back up all the paper records in our vault.

  • “The ability for the mayor, city council, employees, the public & media to have complete & immediate access to all public records is a tremendous asset in our efforts to be completely transparent in city government.”— Tom Seale, City Clerk

  • “Vincent is a hot topic now. We are creating a more transparent government. I think it will open up so many doors for us.”— Bridgette Jordan-Smith, Council Member

  • "The action center is a direct link to us, like if someone has a burst water main, or if there is a street light out or a dog running loose or something, they can submit their concern online and it will go straight to my desk.” — April Price, Town Clerk