Great Enchancement To CitySAFE

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to the system, effective today!

You can now hand-pick which users will be able to see which documents.

How the system was before: Before this upgrade, you had the ability to decide which document categories could be seen by the public, and which ones were only available internally. However, internally, everyone could see everything. If one department posted a document, everyone who had administrative access could see it. This limitation kept the municipalities from having a truly customizable document storage/sharing solution.

How the system is now: Currently, when a user adds a document into MyCitySafe, not only can they first specify if that category will be available to the public, but the user can also hand-pick who will have access to that document internally. If a document is “Private”, you will be able to specifically choose who you want to view it.

Example: The police department wants to store some sensitive documentation for record-keeping purposes. The police administrator can now load the document, specify that it is private, and rest assured that no one will be able to view it without permission- publicly or internally.